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Does Anyone Know?

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I have a 2005 300C, and I want to keep my A/C in the automatic mode, however I want to be able to block out the outside exhaust smells by switching (and keeping) the recirculation on. Apparently, the system only allows the recirculation to remain on for about 10 minutes then it turns off. Anyone know how to get around this time limit? I know I can leave recirculation on for as long as I want in the manual mode, but in the automatic mode it's a real pain to start smelling exhaust fumes, then having to turn recirculate back on.
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No Frank; I'm for sure pushing the recirculate button. As I recall, the manual mentions that there is a time limit on the recirculate in the auto mode. As I understand it, in auto mode the recirculate is automatic depending on temperature, but I was hoping someone might know of a work around. I do however, appreciate your constructive response to my question. Thanks
frank29 said:
Gary, I finally realized what is going on. I have never put the right knob on Auto; this must be what you are doing. I have always had the left knob on one of the Auto settings; but, never the right. With both knobs on Auto, the recirculate mode is controlled automatically and, when manually activated via pressing the button, there is a 10 minute time out.

Sooooo, put the right knob on something other than Auto (left knob can be left on Auto) and the recirculate mode can be activated as long as you want. All you will be giving up is having the system decide which ducts are utilized.

ON EDIT: after rereading your first post, it looks like you already know this, sorry.
You know Frank; I haven't tried leaving the left (fan control) on auto while the right selector knob is in a manual mode. I'll try that. I'd settle for auto fan speed control with manual air duct selector if it will let me keep the recirculate on. My assumption was; if I set the right knob to manual, I must also set the fan speed to manual. I'll give it a try, Thanks a bunch!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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