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Does anyone's dealer have 300 catalogs/car deatils

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you know the guides to all options and colors with great pics highlighting the car

the 3 dealers here say "they are waiting from Chrysler"
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I registered online like in January for them to send me information. Got 4 letters in February each saying they would send the brochures as soon as they were available (March). It is now June and have never received one. The Dealers have NONE to give out, only the sales guys have ONE you can look at.

Everything is a delay with these cars. The books, the cars themselves, the order process. My dealer sold everything the had and went almost 2 weeks without a 300 on the lot. They just got a Base model and a Stripped Touring model in today. They are frustrated as the cars are "trickling in". They've got people who've ordered cars back in March, still without a VIN, so my 4/28 order is gonna take a LONNNNGGGG time. :eek: They were telling guy in the showroom who wanted to order, that it would be at least September before he could get his car WITHOUT a sunroof, October with a roof. :eek: They are telling me August as I ordered 5 weeks ago. These are all guesses of course.

:mad: :mad:
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I have a brochure or two lying around. I could take scans or something later and post them up. I guess being in Canada, and the car being produced in brampton has its pluses (sp?).
just went by the dealer here where i work (bout 30 miles outside Nashville) and they had 1--

there are no pics yet, but all the accessories, stock numbers and prices are on .
Heres an online accessory catalog. Dont know if thats what youre looking for but somebody probably is
The catalogs are on back order due to the demand.

See ya
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