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Drifting issue/lemon law

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have just filed for a replacement 300C thru the lemon law in Illinois...anybody else have the drift problem that could not be fixed? or used the lemon law? :(
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NeilR said:
had it for repairs 4 times for the drift prolem..they changed/adjusted the cradle and put the bolt kit in. The factory reps fine tuned the adjustments and it still drifts. a little worse than before. they said it was inj specks and thats it. go on google and put in your state and "lemon law" it basically free. if the law firm takes your case Chrysler pays the legal fees
Hi Neil,

Your problem has attracted a lot of interest on this forum. Is it possible to describe the drifting problem in real world driving terms? It would be helpful to list: type of road(s); number of passengers; speed of vehicle; tire pressures; and a good description in your own words of the drifting that occurs.

Do you have a benchmark to compare to - such as another 300C or a different make of car? I mention this because all cars "drift" off centerline to some degree or another.

It must be frustrating to have a new car that you cannot enjoy. Hope this forum can help you.
Deegee- I concur with everything you say - especially the part about many forum members not being familiar with RWD.

Here's another point - notice how far your 300 freewheels or coasts when you take your foot off the gas - it seems to go forever. This is partly rwd and mostly good engineering. There is very little rolling resistance (friction) on the rolling parts in this car.

I can eliminate "drifting" on any car by cranking in lots of toe-in (some FWD have to have lots of toe-in just to drive safely). You won't drift but you won't handle well. You will wear out tires and other components prematurely.

There was a "right pull" issue on some 300's. The kit seems to have fixed it.
I find the steering "sweet". The car almost leads into corners as opposted to following. There is no play in the wheel. Also, crank your wheels full left or right. Look at the car from the front. Notice the extreme camber - you won't see that on a FWD!

As to Neil's lemon law issue. He may indeed have a lemon. It happens with any manufacturer. However, I have seen no evidence that there is a generic design or manufacturing fault with regard to steering in the 300s or magnums.
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Go to the new How To... thread in this section. There are instructions on how to re-center your steering wheel using the car's computer.
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