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Drifting issue/lemon law

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have just filed for a replacement 300C thru the lemon law in Illinois...anybody else have the drift problem that could not be fixed? or used the lemon law? :(
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Hi guys/gals, I am new to the forum and I do have experience with a lemon law suit through GM. Once you have satisfied the requirements of your states lemon law statue, you are free to proceed forward with an attorney. In most states, you are no longer in the lemon law process, as it is typically arbitration and hopefully a mechanical/electrical fix to the problems, but you are in a real lawsuit against the manufacturer. If you have satisfied the requirements of the state statue, you are pretty much guranteed to win and, yes, the manufacturer will end up paying your attorny fees in the settlement. It wasn't a fun experience in my case, but it did what it was supposed to do and I have bought(financed many of them) through the same manufacturer many times sense. There is absolutely NO TRUTH to the comment above about financing being denied to you(it doesn't go on your credit).

From your comments on the drifting issue, though, I would guess you are in a interesting predictament....You probably can pass it off as a real issue since DC tried to repair it 4 times, but 10 seconds on just about any road in America without touching is basically impossible(all modern roads are built with drainage in mind and you have a slight pitch because of that....).

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