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Driver side door rattle

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is anyone hearing a slight rattle/vibration from the driver side door area/window when they are driving, i usually hear during driving on rough road
sounds like two pieces don't fit together right, kinda like rubbing and hitting each other (soft ticking).

Dont't think its the sunroof because even with the suroof or cover open the sound is still there.

also, this probably unrelated all of sudden yesterday started hearing windnoise/vibration on the drivers side sounding like it came from under the car any one has this problem?

Also, just curious can some post the terxt for this bulliten 11/18/04 … 2005 .. #23-048-04 …. A-Pillar Molding Fit/Wind Noise .. (3M),

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i hear a slight rattling by the light area in the front while driving.
& it's annoying. there's something loose up there.
cus i push on it & it stops.
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