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Hello everyone, new on the forum and let me tell you all.. there is a way of removing the Driveshaft Center Support Bearing but it was a bit complicated since there was no info on forums or youtube to do this. I pesonally fixed my 2015 Chrysler 300S reardrive "not the AWD" so i will not be giving details on how to remove the driveshaft but rather how I Managed to remove the bearing. firts of all i had to damage open the Metal cover where the 2 piece shaft joins together, and then in the inside there is a lock near the edge. with two picks remove it then pull on both ends apart to get the metal balls and position ring out. once removed cut the pressure clamps to remove the rubber boot. push back on the boot or attach bungee cords to retract the boot. on the end there is a star looking piece which is attached with an inner lock- it cannot be seen so when i removed it i broke it using a Posi Lock gear and bearing puller MODEL 104 and an impact hammer. not sure it pushing it In can give you access to that ring lock wire. after that pull the boot off and get yourself a long bearing puller I myself made one from two. The Center support Bearing was from a 2014 300S just made sure it had the same inner dimension. For me it was all a puzzle which i didnt know where or how to start but once you get everything apart youll know how to reassemble. Hope it serves at least as a guide.
Hey I’m trying the bearing replacement and i don’t see the lock ring that holds the drive shaft together I’m stuck and it’s stressing me out haha
21 - 21 of 21 Posts