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Hi all, thought I'd copy this link in here to let you see an example of what can be done in the UK to make running a Hemi a viable financial proposition!

Petrol in my part of the UK is currently £1.06 per litre (roughly US$2.04 per litre) but LPG (basically propane stored as a liquid under pressure) is only £0.56 per litre, just over half the price of petrol.

The gas system used in the conversion is made by OMVL of Italy, market leaders in LPG technology in this part of the world, and is fully sequential in operation - mimicking each petrol injector, even when the MDS kicks in and out. The engine starts on petrol then changes over to gas whilst you drive - without you noticing, as it changes over each cylinder one at a time. It has 2 basic requirements for changeover - coolant temp above 30 deg.c, and engine running for 30 seconds (to allow correct Lambda probe operation).

Hope you all find this of some interest, cheers.

Oh, pictures are on page 2 of the thread
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