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the truck guys got sick of his crap and abandoned him and so did most of the vendors including me:

http://www.vcoa com/forums/showthread.php?t=579&highlight=EKOOL

so lets see how long it takes for me to get banned and this thread deleted.....

counting down 9, 8, 7........

how does it feel to have your name drug thru **** Ekool aka John Gonzales?

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John your a troll of the worst kind. Funny thing is your business is suffering and always has its obvious the problems you had personally and professionally havent left you. In the end you will end up be just another broke d!ck has been.

As for me I wish they would ban you, your an idiot and cant seem to close your mouth
Good luck

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Loaded said:
John your a troll of the worst kind. Funny thing is your business is suffering and always has its obvious the problems you had personally and professionally havent left you. In the end you will end up be just another broke d!ck has been.

As for me I wish they would ban you, your an idiot and cant seem to close your mouth
Good luck
how about a broke **** neverwasbeen?

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Ekool, hindsight is 20-20, I bet you regret actually standing up for this jerk when he received a buch of negative posts shortly after becoming a supporting vendor.

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chill out man your out of line and you know it. You had problems in the worst way and some of us in Texas KNOW your problems and if you keep pushing it, its very easy to display public records and reports.

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Loaded said:
chill out man your out of line and you know it.
i aint got no beef with you amigo. just having some fun with EFool. this thread will be bye bye soon anyway.

seriously, EFool ran his Ram SRT10 spank board into the ground, most of his followers over there (around 1000 members) got tired of his BS and quit his site and started there own.

i guess that could happen to this site too at some point?

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Hennessey's Vipers are fast, but lawsuits say he serves them up too slowly. (Photo by Mark Vaughn)
Ninety-eight percent of his customers love him, John Hennessey says. But a few hate him and some have sued. Hennessey Motorsports in Houston specializes in tuning Vipers, adding more power to what is already one of the most powerful cars in the world. Hennessey’s Vipers have been featured in this and many other magazines and the cars he has sent to us and to other media were impressive performers. Hennessey presents himself well, projecting an image of the consummate Texas good ol’ boy whose reassuring conversational style and howyewdoin’ demeanor put customers at ease. People believe they will get what he says he’ll give them. But not all people do.

According to a lawsuit filed in Salt Lake City, Utah resident Taig Stewart sent his Viper GTS to Hennessey last May for an engine upgrade to 1100 hp along with several other modifications. For that he wire-transferred $142,500 to Hennessey. The lawsuit states the parties agreed the car would be done by mid-July 2001. As of press time the car was still sitting under a tarp in Hennessey’s shop in Houston. Or most of the car, anyway. Stewart’s suit claims Hennessey sold the car’s engine, transmission, wheels, tires and hood. The suit seeks return of the money, the Viper and “no less than $1 million” in punitive damages.

Hennessey claims he’s just slow in getting the work done.

“My side of the story is we’re planning on finishing his car and planning on giving him everything that he paid for,” said Hennessey. As for the parts being sold, “That’s totally false. We’ve got all his parts in the shop except the hood and he wanted to do a lightweight hood.”

Stewart is not the first unsatisfied customer. The longer we dug the more dissatisfaction we found. Here’s a sampling:

On Nov. 14 a New Jersey court entered a final judgement of $133,674 against Hennessey on behalf of Viper owner Gary Dan for a botched conversion.

William Walters said he is out over $22,000 after shipping his Corvette to Hennessey for a head and cam package that was never done; he did have five rods bent and a head gasket damaged on the dyno in Hennessey’s shop during an experiment Hennessey tried with nitrous oxide.

Jerry Johnson said he had to file suit in Placer County Court in California to straighten out registration and engine computer problems on a Viper he bought from Hennessey. n Jon Belinkie said he loves the changes made to his Viper but had to sue in his home state of Maryland, then register the judgement in Texas, to recover overcharges Hennessey made on his American Express card.

Rick Ryan said he had to hound Hennessey for eight months by long distance from Marietta, Georgia, to put the proper wing and stripes on his Viper.

Mark Lublin said he sent his Viper cylinder heads to Hennessey for new valves but when the heads came back he found the “new” valves were actually used; a cam that was delivered to Lublin in a Hennessey box turned out to be a stock Chrysler cam. Lublin was finally refunded $5,715 from American Express but only after nine months of disputing the charge; and he got no money from Hennessey.

Bruce Iannatuono said he ordered $8,500 worth of Hennessey parts for his mechanic in Baltimore to install but was only able to use two-thirds of what was shipped, and then only after haranguing Hennessey for six months on an order that was originally promised in five weeks.

Most of the complaints come from outside Texas. Hennessey, some said, tends to take better care of local customers.

“If you were out of state, man you were fair game,” said Kyle Kent, a former employee at Hennessey Motorsports. When an out-of-state car came in it was sometimes parted out, with the wheels, tires and whatever else looked good going to other cars waiting to be finished or sold outright, according to Kent and others inside Hennessey Motorsports. Then Hennessey would call the car’s owner and try to sell him an upgraded kit. If the customer balked, Hennessey would take parts from other cars in the shop, or just let the job sit.

Kent described one typical disassembly on an out-of-state Viper. “The motor and transmission went into a Durango John was putting together, the brakes went to someone else, the hood went to a guy in Ohio, the rear bumper to South Carolina, man you name it. We had multiple cars like that.”

Another common practice was putting stock parts on what was supposed to be an upgraded car.

“One customer spent $130,000 to $140,000 and that guy thought he had purchased a Venom 650R package which he thought came with the stroker motor,” Kent said. “John told him he was getting a stroker. He was just getting heads and cams.”

Hennessey denies any wrongdoing.

“I’ve got probably 3000 customers,” he said. “I’ve built over 300 cars and out of that I’ve had a handful of people that I’ve had some sort of a delivery problem with and I’ve had some of them who have sued me. So is that some sort of a trend or is that par for the course?”

here's the link from autoweek:

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I have recently been contacted by a few of you and questioned about my dealings with Hennessey and how everything worked out. I understand he is telling people that we are "cool", NO ... Far from it. After a financial sob story he asked me if he could send me a check for $1,000.00 per month until his debt is paid. The check was supposed to be sent on Jan 30. Today the 8th of Feb ... still no check. But my deal was insignificant compared to what you are about to read next!!
About three weeks ago I received an E-mail from a gentleman in Utah that had read my thread about Hennessey all to late. He was fooled like me and many others and was taken for a TON of money. I wanted to post this the next day but I decided to wait until the legal process was officially started. Today Hennessey was served. I would aske the moderators to please let this stay ... this information is intended as a warning to others, is truthful and is not simply "bashing" Thank You!!

Here is the E-mail:

Hi Bill,

I followed your story about John Hennessey with much interest and want
to thank you for your various posts regarding it. Unfortunately however,
I hold the title of the King of Stupid when it comes to falling victim
to John Hennessey's scams and I know my loss (in monetary terms alone)
easily gives me bragging rights to that title. =) It was greatly to my
disadvantage that I didn't get wind of Hennessey's antics (as posted on
the Corvette Forum and the VCA forum) until long after I'd already given
him my car, as well as -all- of the money agreed upon up for the
scheduled work in advance. I feel like a complete jackass.

Do you happen to remember the issue of Motor Trend this last Spring that
showed John Hennessey's Venom 800 on the cover? Never having been an
true American muscle car fan as much as a Porsche guy up until that
time, I didn't really know all that much about Vipers, other than I
liked the look of them, etc. But when I saw the numbers John supposedly
wrung out of that orange Viper in the article, I was astounded. I had to
have one! So I did some looking on the web, found his website, and sent
him an e-mail. He responded and after that initial contact I talked to
him on the phone, as well as thru e-mails. He was personable and
friendly (as I'm sure you found him to be initially) and he seemed
competent and straightforward.

Accordingly, I located a new Viper GTS in Idaho and had it trucked down
to Utah (where I live) and continued to go over everything with John as
I decided which options to go with, etc., until finally we'd come to an
agreement that totaled $122,500--not including the car (yes, I know, I
know, Bill--I'm a complete idiot). In my defense, I guess, I'd like to
say that: 1) I didn't really know Vipers--as I mentioned--and it seemed
to me that all of the options I'd chosen were both very worthwhile or
necessary; 2) the Venom 800's performance put it into another league
altogether and as such the cost seemed reasonable in light of what you'd
get (or not get) for the same money if you went with a very custom
Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini, etc.; and 3) Hennessey seemed to have
a very solid reputation in the tuner industry (I -assumed-), not unlike
RUF, Lingenfelter, or Saleen, etc.

I drove my new Viper only several hundred miles over the next few weeks
before I arranged to have John send a fellow to pick up my car and
transport it down to his shop in Houston. Interestingly, John pushed
pretty hard for all of the money for the Venom 800 project up front,
though he only really insisted on half. Based on what I believed to be
one of the most trusted names in the industry, however, I agreed to wire
him the entire $122,500 up front, which I did. What an unbelievable
mistake. A date of approximately 12 weeks from the date he took delivery
was projected for completion of the car (he took delivery of the car in
April of last year), making the due date approximately mid-July.

Over the course of the next couple of months, I heard very little from
John, but I assumed all was in order (I'd never done this sort of thing
before, after all). In early July, John called me to discuss ways to
produce even more horsepower from the car buy rebuilding the engine with
all titanium parts so that it could run reliably at 16-18 psi, vs. the
originally planned 10-12 psi. For this new upgrade (which he dubbed the
"Venom 1000" due to his anticipating between 1000 and 1100 bhp at the
crank) he stated that he needed another $20,000, and asked for it ASAP
if possible, stating that it would greatly speed up his ability to get
the parts quicker. I agreed and sent him another wire for $20,000.
Because of the additional modifications, John now estimated a September
delivery date.

September came and went. Then, around the end of October, I started
putting a little pressure on John, asking him when he was going to be
done with the car. He blamed his inability to get certain parts for the
Venom 1000 on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks (no, I've never been able
to see the connection either) but assured me that everything would be
wrapping up soon.

November came and November went. Then in early December, I got a phone
call from a fellow who asked me how my car was doing and what I'd heard
about it. I replied with the facts above and he told me that John was
basically sticking it to me and that I should go to the Viper Club of
America forum and the Corvette Forum and do a little reading. Your case
was noted. He assured me that I was getting screwed badly. I began to
get nervous. It was at this time that I first read your bad experiences
with John Hennessey, as well as those of others and I began to get even
more nervous. And I began to get angry.

I called John and asked him straight up, "John, will I get my car back?"
To which he replied with a hurt tone, "Yes! Of course. What do you
mean?," and wanted to know why I didn't trust him anymore. I didn't tell
him that anyone had called me, but I did tell him that I'd read a lot of
disturbing things on the forums about him. He had no reply whatsoever
for that one and changed the subject. I told him I wanted my car
finished and I wanted it finished quickly. He agreed that it would be
ready in the beginning of January. Then, without warning, I flew a
trusted buddy down to Houston to simply show up at John's shop and see
what the status of my car was for himself.

What my friend found was terribly discouraging. My car was there in his
shop all right, but he discovered that John had sold my hood (one of the
parts on a Viper worth quick cash I'm told - since they're $14,000 to
replace) though I had NOT ordered his carbon fiber replacement hood,
wanting instead to keep my stock one. I also discovered that John had
sold my stock wheels and tires, though I had specifically requested that
my stock wheels be fitted with slicks and returned to me as a second set
of rims/tires. None of the parts that I had ordered (suspension upgrade,
HRE wheels, body parts, Brembo brakes, Quaiffe diff, Connolly leather
interior, etc., etc., etc.) were anywhere to be seen and John admitted
that he did not have them.

I told John at this time (thru my friend) that I wanted all the parts
I'd ordered collected and the upgrades completed ASAP or there would be
trouble. John hung his head and shifted from one foot to the other and
assured me that everything would be completed immediately. My friend set
a date in mid-January at which time he would return and actually hear
the completed, modified engine actually start, in my car. John agreed.
After this visit, John sent me a number of cheery e-mails in which he
talked at great length about other subjects and another Viper he'd been
working on and how he was getting great power out of it, etc., but not a
thing about my car.

Well Bill, my friend did indeed return to visit John just a few days ago
and found that NOT A SINGLE THING had changed or had been completed. My
car continues to sit in the corner of John's shop where it collects
dust. The wheels are still missing, the hood is still missing, and the
engine is yanked but as yet remains unmodified. Meanwhile, two reliable
sources have told me that John just bought or built a new home for
himself in Colorado. And I know I'm the one who made the down payment
for it.

I've decided that I've waited long enough. I contacted my attorneys
recently and I'm starting the ball rolling on going after John for my
car and for the $142,500 I fed into a black hole. I have no delusions
about my likely failure to get anything out of John eventually, of
course. I guess this is just one of those painfully difficult lessons
life throws at you from time to time--in this case a lesson that cost me
a staggering amount of money. It also makes me see just how amazingly
stupid I really am. =)

Bill, I hope you don't mind me unloading my experiences with John
Hennessey on you. I realize you don't know me at all, but after reading
your posts on the Corvette Forum, I felt a sort of kinship to you thru
the misfortune we've shared at the hands of the same crook and I hope
you don't mind my having contacted you with this lengthy story. I don't
know anyone on the Corvette or Viper forums and since I never really
entered into conversations there it seemed that it wouldn't really be
appropriate for me to post this out of the blue, in any event. After
reading your posts, however, as I said, I felt the need to get this off
my chest to someone who really understood what it was like to get
screwed by Hennessey firsthand. And if there is anything I can do to
help you, as I embark on the next step of trying to get something back
from Hennessey, I would be very pleased if you would let me try--and I
mean this not as a platitude, but in all sincerity. Thanks for
listening. =)

Best regards,

Taig Stewart

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what else happened in 2001? who won the superbowl that year? how many times did you masterbate in the shower in 2001? thanks for the memories douche bag.

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I've pretty much stayed out of everything to do with these threads and kept my observations to myself. In addition, I've also kept an open mind from having over a decade of experience in owning and running my own business. I know all too well that if you stay around long enough, eventually regardless of intent or performance, you will have an unsatisfied customer or two. It's part of doing business. What I cannot understand is the utter lack of professionalism displayed in starting this thread. Whatever happened to being the better person, or moreso, being a pro and acting like one. Not that you'll care, but this thread alone certainly made me lose any respect for your conduct as a business owner. I would also gather I'm not alone.

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John you obviously dont get business very well, SOmetimes its best to admit to your down falls and build up on your new business practices......But alas you flame out again because you just dont get it

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That, or similar, information has been posted on the forum, Loaded. It's no secret John H. has had problems/detractors.

John, I don't know or care what your beef with ekool is. I happen to like and respect the both of you.

Can we not just cease the hostilities gentlemen. If there are legitimate beefs there are better venues than this fine (public) forum to address them.


Thank you very much, all.


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MrHappy said:
..............What I cannot understand is the utter lack of professionalism displayed in starting this thread. ...............
I'd bet you a dollar to a doughnut he's drunk.
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