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I am putting out an APP to all forum members, members friends, etc. for certain emblems, letters and decals from the early 1955-1965 Chrysler 300 letter cars. If any one knows where I can find the described parts below or knows someone who does, it would be greatly appreciatted.

I am looking for the "Chrysler" scripts, cursive, that came on certain Chrysler models from the early 60's.

I am looking for the Large Block letter's "CHRYSLER" that goes on the rear of a 1959 Chrysler 300 E. They are individual letters with a recessed color in them. They go just between the trunk lid and rear bumper of the 59'. (any condition, full set preferred). These Letters may have only come on the Canadian built 300's.

I am also looking for 1957 -1961 Chrysler 300 letter cars:
Red, white and blue striped, Round 300 Medallions. The large ones that go in the side molding bezel, on the rear quearter panels, of the 57' -61' 300's. They will only come without 300 or a c,d,e,f, etc. letter on them, just plain 3 color stripped was how they came OEM. The letters I have found, just no Medallions, I believe they were a seperate part number at Chrysler.

I am including a link to a picture of the 59' showing the rear block letters. If you look down the right side of the car, you will see the stripped medallion, not the best example, in the chrome trim bezel that I also am looking for. I don't have a picture of the Chrysler scripts.,9532,,0/photo.aspx

Thanks again for everyone's help. Mark
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