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Emergency Brake Light Indicator?

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Anyone having an issue with the emergency brake light indicator coming on every now and then (and no I didnt apply the emergency brake :) )

I pointed this out to Chrysler dealership and the guy said the indicator light is used for other things like brake fluid so they topped it off. Uh, considering I told him it goes off when I hit the release lever I think he was full of it.

Sounds to me like the emergency brake needs to be adjusted and will have them check it out again at next checkup. Another guy with a 300c had same problem so wondering if others might have same problem.
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HaTaX said:
Topping your brake fluid level is actually a bad thing to do, as the pads on your car wear out the pistons sit farther out from the caliper and require more fluid to push them out farther... The fluid level is designed so that when the brakes are in need of pad replacement that the level has dropped far enough, there is a float in the tank that lights up your brake light on your dash.... Indicating it's time to replace your pads.... Doesn't work well though when people keep topping off that fluid... Then when you press the pistons back in you get fluid running out and down on the floor...

If the fluid does get low, you should be asking WHY instead of just topping it off anyways.. =)

Hmm, sorry for the rant, I just helped a friend with his brakes the other day and as we pressed the calipers down I noticed a big puddle forming under his car, and he had been "topping" off..... =\
interesting view, i havent thought of that aspect. henceforth i shall be be more cautious.
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