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Emergency Brake Light Indicator?

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Anyone having an issue with the emergency brake light indicator coming on every now and then (and no I didnt apply the emergency brake :) )

I pointed this out to Chrysler dealership and the guy said the indicator light is used for other things like brake fluid so they topped it off. Uh, considering I told him it goes off when I hit the release lever I think he was full of it.

Sounds to me like the emergency brake needs to be adjusted and will have them check it out again at next checkup. Another guy with a 300c had same problem so wondering if others might have same problem.
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My brand new 300C (1,100 miles) right now has the same problem. I had a 300 Limited and I recently traded it in on a 300C. The Limited didn't have the problem, so my question is, is it the 300C's only. And actually as of yesterday it stopped. Well this is something that needs to be seriously addressed. Oh yeah I was thinking about purchasing the Maybach, so I'll let you know about the brake light when I do lol...
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