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copy from another forum:

first and foremost, your dealer (or me) must have version 6.03 or higher to get the DRL's to work. Earlier versions had a bug that would let people enable it and it looked like everything was ok, but it did not work. So here we go:

From the main screen, click Vehicle Preparation. NOTE THE VERSION NUMBER IN THE TOP RIGHT SECTION OF THE SCREEN. Mine shows 6.03 so we are good to go.

Important: European cars - region (country code) must be set to US or Canada before changing - after mod is active switch back to your country settings.

Scroll down the list until you see the selection "Enable DRL"

Select it by touching the screen where it says "Enable DRL" and then press the start button. After a few seconds a window will pop up (yeah pop ups are everywhere not just the internet).

If this is really what you want to do, click the next button at the bottom of the pop up.

Click the Enable button and wait a few seconds. If the change was successful you will see a window like this one:

Click Finish and that is it. Go and check to make sure your DRL's are working now. Here is what mine look like:

Looks like the beam is on at about 30% power.

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300CRDTouring said:
what type of computer/interface and where to plug it in order to do this? :sigh:
It's the stealership's Star Scan tool. They know what to do with it. Just call your stealership's friendly service manager and discuss the information in this thread with him. If he and his stealership are keeping up with developments he can do it in 5 minute, and should do it at no charge as he is not "on the clock".
You can also do a search on this forum for "daylight running lights". The entire evolution of enabling the DRL's can be found.
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