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Engine Clicking/Tapping Sound at Idle

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Has anyone ever experienced this issue? At idle, I can hear a faint but distinct "clicking" sound coming from the passenger side of the engine. With the hood closed, I hear the noise coming from the pasenger-side front wheelwell. I hear this noise while the car is not moving. The frequency of the clicking increases with RPM. I do not hear this noise under acceleration (probably because it is so faint).

If anyone else has experienced this, have you addressed the issue with your dealer and, if so, what did they say?
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faster said:

Sounds like a age-old lifter sticking. An oil change may help free it up. If you don't have more than 2-3K on it, take it to the dealer and get them to diagnose it. I have 1200mi on my C and never have heard that clicking.
I've been noticing the sound since my 2nd or 3rd oil change. I asked the dealer about it and they said they "couldn't hear it".
vvv90 said:
It's the injectors.

It's normal.
Thanks all...I read on the LX forum mention of using Mobil 1 to make the clicking go away too.
vvv90 said:

Is the ticking so faint that you actually need to be really close to the engine? and if so, is it a rapid ticking?

Its more of a tick......tick......tick......tick......sound.
vvv90 said:

Try the oil....Like, right away.

Post the results.
I'll try to post a recording of the sound later this evening.

Since the issue has been going on for awhile, I don't know if an immediate change to synthetic oil is warranted. I only mentioned that I might try that solution with the assumption that the sound is "normal", not a problem. If your "right away" comment is meant to suggest that Mobil 1 may somehow limit the extent of some damage that has already been caused, then I would rather address that as a service issue with Chrysler.

I was hoping to find out if others are experiencing the issue too since my first pass at the dealer just got me blank stares and no resolution. When I (eventually) do switch to synthetic, it won't be to minimize an existing problem, it will be to prevent future ones.
vvv90 said:
Yes definietely tell your dealer, but I thought you said you did and they did nothing about it?
I did, but before I do again I'd like to determine if this is normal or not. If others are experiencing the same thing, then I'd be more inclined to believe its normal.
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