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Engine Clicking/Tapping Sound at Idle

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Has anyone ever experienced this issue? At idle, I can hear a faint but distinct "clicking" sound coming from the passenger side of the engine. With the hood closed, I hear the noise coming from the pasenger-side front wheelwell. I hear this noise while the car is not moving. The frequency of the clicking increases with RPM. I do not hear this noise under acceleration (probably because it is so faint).

If anyone else has experienced this, have you addressed the issue with your dealer and, if so, what did they say?
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john300k said:
I believe what your hearing is not valve train or fuel injector noise, but an emission valve. You can really notice it at a drive up window or wall with the window down. I have the same sound in my Dodge 1500 van. It sounds like a tapping noise but it is not really a metallic sound. I heard this sound for years and one day while was working on it I reach down and put my hand on this valve and this was the culprit. It is a one way or a reed type valve. The van and my 300C both have roller lifters and if they were bad you would know would sound like the hammers from hell!!!
Had the same thing on a '93 Concorde....could have sworn it was a rocker arm, but it was some kind of emission valve near the passenger side valve cover. It was a few years ago but I think it only did it when idling in park. If I gave it some gas it went away.
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