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Engine Clicking/Tapping Sound at Idle

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Has anyone ever experienced this issue? At idle, I can hear a faint but distinct "clicking" sound coming from the passenger side of the engine. With the hood closed, I hear the noise coming from the pasenger-side front wheelwell. I hear this noise while the car is not moving. The frequency of the clicking increases with RPM. I do not hear this noise under acceleration (probably because it is so faint).

If anyone else has experienced this, have you addressed the issue with your dealer and, if so, what did they say?
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I too have the tick from time to time and have been debating on going to the dealer for diagnosis. But to be honest I am paranoid about having some one rip into my engine until I can confirm what needs to be done.

It is distinctly different than the injectors which has a less metallic sound and a faster rythm. Mine started after the first few thousand miles and sounds similar to a stuck lifter on the passenger side but hard to tell. I have been running 5W20 fully synthetic since new. The sound comes and goes and is not consistent enough to be piston slap. I noticed it happens more often when it is cold than when it is fully warm. Often times if you rev the engine up a couple times it will go away, only to return later. Very odd, but interesting to hear many have ran into the same issue.

Waldorf MD
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