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OK I was playing in the car all day on the audio system. I had the negative battery terminal off and back on twice, and I removed the factory amplifier and the 2 black plastic harnesses that attach to the black part on the amp (part reads Siemens).

I put the black part (Siemens) back under the dash, with the harnesses back in place.

Since then I am getting the Engine light on during start, and if I am reading the system correctly (it goes like this: DOOR AJAR, then it is showing OIL PRESSURE 19 PSI (then when you hit the gas the oil pressure reading increases) and then it scrolls to giving the reading of the oil temp as well. I assume these are Codes saying probs possibly with the OIL Pressure or Temp?

Car was running a little hot I though, last night it was running 225 deg after like 5 min of idle. Then it came down to 212-214 after driving a short distance...

Did I mess something up by removing the 2 wire harnesses attached to the black device on the amp (by the way this item I do not think had any connection to the audio as far as I know it was simply attacched to the amp by 2 screws). Or is this a problem that will need to be addressed by the dealer?
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II kings 9:20 said:
low OP reading. These CELs have generally gone off after a day or two. You may have triggered the light but certainly did not cause low OP.
So, 19 PSI at idle is low? I am not very savvy on autos but it is weird that I did not even drive the thing today and the light came on, I bet I messed something up with one of the multitude of computers in there...
5point7 said:
To check your CEL, turn on the ignition - let the lights go out and then turn off/on 3 times, on the 3 time, leave it in the on position, it will flash your CEL code -
I tried this and I could not do it. I actually started the car, let the lights clear, then stop and start 3 more times (turn the car off, then start it up again...).
arnoldw said:
Don't start it, just turn the key off/on really quick. On the third time just leave it on.
Actually I was turning the key all the way to the left... You need to start the car, then turn it to acc then on, acc then on, acc then on.

Thank you!

Says code U0101
Canbus lost connection with TCM

This is an audio prob. I wonder if the dealer can just clear the code?

possible causes

CAN B or CAN C BUS Circuits open or shorted
DTCS Related to Battery Voltage, Ignition, or VIN Messages
FCM Not configured correctly
TCM Power and ground
Module that set this DTC
arnoldw said:
Isn't the TCM the transmission control module?
In the manual I have the u0101 code is related to the Can bus audio crap... The battery was disconnect when I hooked up my new amp, but when I discd the factory amp (there were no wires even connected to the amp, just the wiring to the black box on top of the amp) the battery was not discod. Maybe I will try to disco the battery till morning, think that would hurt anything?
Thanks for all the help guys... I am going to drive by the dealer, see if he will simply clear the codes if that is all the prob is. On the way to work I will make a couple pit stops (coffee, paper, doughnuts, stripclub..) and see what happens after work.

I don't think I fried anything, I think all will be better tomorrow. Thanks for the support!

What is the throttle recalc? I will look it up here, I am sure it is on this site!
Actually all the lights were cleared this morning on the way to work! I took the advice of 5point7 and stopped the car, restarted it at the first stop light after I left for work, and they cleared out!

Thanks guys

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