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Hy guys,

First I want to thank you for this forum and I am glad to be a part of chrysler community (although in Europe...), I have always had Chryslers around, and my first car was a 01, 300m. Now it is time to scrap it and save the engine - fully functional, rebuilt 2.7 v6 DOHC engine with parts sourced from the US, I am also a member on the forums...
Now since the cars are similar in terms of engine, the 300c and the 300m, can I do a swap between my 300m engine and a 300c 2.7 v6 engine ? i have found a lot of 2.7 v6 damaged in Europe and it would be fun to "undress and dress" a Chrysler...

so let me hear your opinions and maybe similar experiences.

p.s. practically is the same engine, but a few enhancements are present on the 300c 2.7 v6, like the intake you know more?
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