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Enhanced EVIC Data.

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On an 8 hour drive yesterday I found there's a data display easter egg in the 300C Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).

There are 7 pages of additional EVIC data you can access by pressing mode (music note) and compass on the steering wheel simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Use the leftmost Up/Dn arrows to scroll through the pages.

Page 1 - CCN SW P/N
Page 2 - Speed/RPM/Coolant Temp/BattV
Page 3 - Temp_AVG/Temp_RAW/Pedal_Position
Page 4 - Compass/Compass_RAW
Page 5 - Left/Right fuel tank level info
Page 6 - last VTA trig (???)
Page 7 - Chime request info,

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Is that Left and Right data for the gas tank? It only has one tank! I thought it was Yaw data for the Yaw sensor and ESP...Hmmm...Need to re-read my display. But, Romli, thanks for the new toy. I was starting to get bored!
I had seen that, too when underneath my C at an oil change. I guess it could be a left and right side fuel pick up since the tank is so oddly shapen, which would make sense. Also the display on that screen shows a symbol that never changes and that is 19g. 19 gallons is the capacity of the tank.
BUT, what I don't understand it the moving numbers in the L and R columns...They don't ever seem to equal anything less or more than one hundred. If it was a fuel totalizer, the numbers from both columns would decrease over driving time. Maybe they do and I'm not paying close enough attention. I AM trying to drive and look at the same time.
Next time I go to the DLR I plan to get to the bottom of this. I'll let you know if nobody figures it out befor that.
So, it appears that that screen is the raw data for the Fuel mileage and Distance to Empty displays on the EVIC. The reason why the numbers don't change dramatically is they ARE resistance (Min resistance 181) so as the tanks get lower, resistance would increase causing the guage to fall on the panel. But the numbers always fall within a specific envelope.
That makes sense to me, I think we found an answer. Thnks to kampsville for showing the way!
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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