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Enhanced EVIC Data.

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On an 8 hour drive yesterday I found there's a data display easter egg in the 300C Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).

There are 7 pages of additional EVIC data you can access by pressing mode (music note) and compass on the steering wheel simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Use the leftmost Up/Dn arrows to scroll through the pages.

Page 1 - CCN SW P/N
Page 2 - Speed/RPM/Coolant Temp/BattV
Page 3 - Temp_AVG/Temp_RAW/Pedal_Position
Page 4 - Compass/Compass_RAW
Page 5 - Left/Right fuel tank level info
Page 6 - last VTA trig (???)
Page 7 - Chime request info,

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Well, at first I thought maybe they were resistance values, but after looking that up in the service manual, I don't think they are. For what its worth (probably not much) here is some info on info received from the fuel sending unit to the instrument cluster. Also - - I don't know if this is common knowledge, but you can apparently put the cluster into a test mode or get info like engine hours using the trip odometer button... here is the excerpt:

Fuel Level Sending Unit Input - The cluster provides a constant current source to the fuel level sending unit
and monitors a return input on a fuel level sense circuit. The resistance through the fuel level sending unit
increases as the fuel level falls and decreases as the fuel level rises causing changes in the sense input voltage.
The cluster programming applies an algorithm to calculate the proper fuel gauge needle position based
upon the fuel level sense input, then moves the gauge needle to the proper relative position on the gauge
scale. This algorithm is used to dampen gauge needle movement against the negative effect that fuel sloshing
within the fuel tank can have on accurate inputs from the fuel tank sending unit to the cluster.

While in the odometer mode with the ignition switch in the On position and the engine not running, depressing the
odometer/trip odometer switch for about six seconds will display the engine hours information. Holding this switch
depressed while turning the ignition switch from the Off position to the On position will initiate the EMIC self-diagnostic
actuator test. Refer to the instrument cluster diagnosis and testing service information for additional details on
this cluster function. The EMIC microprocessor remembers which display mode is active when the ignition switch is
turned to the Off position, and returns the VFD display to that mode when the ignition switch is turned On again.
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