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Enhanced EVIC Data.

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On an 8 hour drive yesterday I found there's a data display easter egg in the 300C Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).

There are 7 pages of additional EVIC data you can access by pressing mode (music note) and compass on the steering wheel simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Use the leftmost Up/Dn arrows to scroll through the pages.

Page 1 - CCN SW P/N
Page 2 - Speed/RPM/Coolant Temp/BattV
Page 3 - Temp_AVG/Temp_RAW/Pedal_Position
Page 4 - Compass/Compass_RAW
Page 5 - Left/Right fuel tank level info
Page 6 - last VTA trig (???)
Page 7 - Chime request info,

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Sweet ... Thanks :)
I do recommend trying this..... It was interesting watching the digital tach and speedo. But watching the pedal position was cool too. No, I didn't see if I could reach 100% .... But I wanted to... :-D
If you find any.... Please don't be shy with the info.... :-D
yep... The "N" with a circle around it.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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