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Greetings fellow sufferers, I decided to join as my good friend runs a limosine business and he favours the 300c 🚌💨💨💨 I am his 1st choice when it requires work or servicing. I believe his guide dog likes me, lol :ROFLMAO:

I have been messing around with mechanical things sine I got out of my nappy and now have a considerable tool collection and a little knowledge 🦉

I generally favour French cars because they tend to be easy to figure out. I own an 07 Citroen C4 and a 12 Citroen Berlingo. Both are fantastic cars. The C4 is approaching 100k and the Lingo is approaching 160k 🥇🥈

I also own a Range Rover P38 (because I need to be tortured somehow😤) and a Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive. Comfort on 2 wheels. Heated seats, grips, electric fold mirrors, electric adjust screen, ABS, etc 🥰 Almost forgot my 2004 Jaguar XK8 with the 4.2 V8 which doesn't get used enough so it is about to be restored, what with 34k on the clock!!! Then I will sell it to fund another project....

I can generally turn my hand to most things mechanical and also deal with welding 💥 plumbing 💦 electrical ⚡ and a bit of wood butchery 🔨. Therefore, my garage/workshop is in a constant state of flux with cars outside, parts inside and dust, rust and sawdust all over :sneaky:

I have an ABS question, but not the usual. Not sure where to ask that question! So If I ask here, can someone point me in the right direction so I can come back, edit this and carry it to the correct thread? :unsure:

2006 with 3.5 petrol engine. I replaced all the brake pipes as they were done. I couldn't remember which pipe went from the brake master cylinder to the ABS pump distributor and finding any info is next to impossible without joining a forum.

So right now,, I need to know where the rear pipe on the master cylinder goes to on the ABS distributor and where the front pipe goes to on the distributor. I think I might have it right, but we all know what thought did....

Can anyone help with A where to post and B the answer to above, silly as it seems.

Thank you :)

PS I promise to come edit this as soon as I am able 😇

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Welcome from North Carolina, USA. I've seen numerous references to PDF shop manuals that cover every facet of our cars, going all the way back to Methuselah. Someone with the appropriate knowledge will point you in the right direction.

My 2020 300s 5.7L Alloy Edition:

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