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Exhaust Wars - 2005

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exhaust wars 2005! where was the magnahamster guy when i was in exhaust decision mode!? i originally wanted magnaflows based on the sound clip of the magnum on their site. it sounded less loud to my ears then the zoomers...and i liked the more muffled, yet still deep, quality rumble the magnahamsters offered. but as more and more in here opted for the zoomers, i jumped on board. luckily i had the chance to hear the zoomers live, meet the zoomers guys, see the shop setup. there is no arguing the fact that the zoomers setup is high quality. the install is oo so clean, the look of the tips has grown on me, and i feel confident in the quality of the company itself and in its longevity and lifetime warranty.

anyway, would be great to be able to hear clips of an actual 300c breathing thru magnaflows, borlas, etc so that a true aural comparison could be made. everyones ear is unique....and choice is a good thing for the consumer. magnaflow guy is in a tough position to talk up his product after kidcoastals amazingly successful illumination of the zoomer product for 300c's and the many happy zoomers users inhabiting this space (like me!)...but the way this forum works is that there is a constant flow of newby 300 owners, ready to move on the exhaust front.

so...being that there are multiple quality exhaust systems, each with their own unique methodologys of achieving performance, it would be nice to be able to compare the facts of each before making a an exhaust call. Dyno results, soundclips, looks, system strategies for achieving the results, etc.

without further ado, bring on the great exhaust wars of 2005! lets get ready to rummmmmmmbbbbble!
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