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Hello All!

Have a stock 300C. Have had a recent issue with it (that I've posted about) and have given up bringing it to my mechanic to troubleshoot. Issue: Car stalls intermittently when in idle. Assuming it's either a vacuum or wiring issue. Figure this would be a good car if you like to tinker or need parts. Anytime there was an issue, had my mechanic fix it promptly. Cars been in storage for the past year. Details:
  • Color: Satin Jade
  • One
  • 388K miles on car
  • Recent tuneup
  • Remanufactured engine installed about 155K miles ago (in one post I think I said 175K but I don't believe that to be correct)
  • 4 brand new Michelin Premiers were put on just before car started to act up so less than 100 miles on them. Those cost me almost $900.
  • Body panels in good shape. Two small rust spots, one on each rear quarter panel near the tires.
  • Car runs strong other than the idle stalling. If it wasn't for that, I would still be driving it.
If interested, PM me.



Engine.jpg Front.jpg Interior Front.jpg Interior Rear_1.jpg Profile_Driver.jpg Profile_Passenger_1.jpg Rear.jpg
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