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Factory amp help, please someone

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Hey I was wondering if you guys could help me out. While getting my tv/radio insatlled at a locla shop they blew out the internal amp in the tv/radio and my factory amp. They are repairing the internal amp on the radio, but my concern is now my factory amp. Does anyone know how much a new factory amp is, and where do I buy one from? Has anyone had to have their factory amp repaired/replaced, or is it even repairable? I just want to find out if the shop has to buy me a new one or repair my old one, either way im going to give them hell and I just wanna have as much info as I can. I have the SGII package by the way.
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Yeah I think i'm leaning more towards having them buy me a new amp. I am a little tired of dealing with this shop. Thats way im trying to see how much I can get a new one for. If its cheap I will just get it myself and send them the bill or something. This shop does a lot of repairs and such. I really don't want them touching my car anymore. If I could buy a factory amp myself for cheap I would and just get it installed by someone else. If this shop gives me a hard time, or does something to my car, I dont know how im going to react, but it wont be good.
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