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This FAQ is in constant development as more dyno information is reported. If you have any dyno graphs please private message me them and I'll gladly host them for this FAQ.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to Cold Air Intakes. Everyone can sit around all day and talk until we are all blue in the face until a Dyno graph is actually presented.

That said, the following dyno graphs are courtesy of BlkHemiMag over at These figures are based on Wheel horsepower. Chrysler's factory rating of 342hp are for flywheel horsepower

Baseline Factory Setup.

Avg Wheel Horsepower: 254.85
Avg Wheel Torque: 271.8

Results of various Cold Air Intakes in combination with Mopar/Borla Exhaust:

Mopar/Borla Exhaust with no intake= 266.2hp 287.6ft/lbs
Mopar/Borla Exhaust with K&N drop in= 268.7hp 295.5ft/lbs
Mopar/Borla Exhaust with Air Raid CAI= 274.3hp 290.4ft/lbs

In combination, exhaust and intake makes a notable HP and Torque Improvement over stock specs, even without ECU tuning of any kind. It's hard to tell how much HP/Torque can be gained from Cold Air Intakes without exhaust until further dyno tests are provided.

It makes no sense allowing a beast to inhale more if it cannot exhale an equal amount. ;)
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