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Ok, just had a few pics that i've uploaded onto photobucket and figured i'd post them here.

My nova and dad's camaro (just starting resto). I had the nova on the lift because the starter was making a terrible noise about every 4th turn of the starter. Pulled the starter and what do you know, teeth were messed up on both starter gear and flywheel. Dropped the driveshaft, trans, clutch assy, and flywheel. Reinstalled everything but put a Hays billet flywheel, centerforce dual friction clutch, new throw out bearing, shift boot, Lakewood u-joints, and also a new pinion gear for the CSR starter.

Man she is shifting and starting good now!!

Nova and the Terminator

My dad with my niece sitting on the firewall of the camaro

Got some High Bays for my shop. My buddy came over the other weekend and brought his scissor lift. We rewired the shop. Previous owner's idea of bending conduit consisted of letting the pipe bend at the couplings. Wired in all the high bay lights (two pictured by the flourecent lights) and fixed a bunch of existing pipe wiring!

My shop (in the last pic) isn't as nice as dads' (first couple pics) Maybe one day i'll have a big boy shop like his :D
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