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Back in 2010, I saw a 2007 Chrysler 300C HEMI for sale and decided to purchase it. This is when I got addicted to customizarion and afrer some research I found my inspiration. All work done by myself with zero experience. Little by little I replaced all interior lights with led, installed a trunk spoiler, retro fitted halo headlights (includes oven baking), put some 22" wheels, replaced headlights. Taillights and side markers with smoked ones and fog lights with hids. I had others plans but by 2015 my finances where not the same and I had to downside to a 200, it was a sad day to when I traded it in. Below are some pics of my old ride:


Four plus years later, I saw an opportunity to own a 300 again. I found a nice looking 2018 CPO, it is a Touring model but with a good starting package (20" wheels and blackout theme). I traded in the 200 for the 300 a month ago. So far I have done; interior leds lights, smoked side markets and purchased the trunk spoiler (not installed yet). I would like to install fog lights but it looks way to complex for me to handled. I tried three times to vinyl the headlights and taillights (dark smoked) but always one comes up great and while finishing the second one. I ripped the vinyl ... just gave up on this for now. Here it is so far:


... the tale continues ...
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