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They are the Work Wheels Durandal DD10.2. They can be customize in either a 20x8.0 or 20x8.5 and depending on what wheel type you can get OVER a 55mm offset on them! Which is exactly what the AWD OEM offset is. They also can provide a custom PCD (lug holes) to meet the 5x115!

www dot workwheelsusa dot com/product.php?category=48&wheel=1006

Sorry....brand new and can't post links yet.

There is a pdf link of the right side of the webpage that gives all the specs for the wheel.

I will be picking up my 300C Platinum on Monday, and the specific wheels I want are the DD10.2 Full Reverse 20x8.0 with a 55mm offset - In a Black Clear cut design. ( Pic File )

I choose the smaller width to keep the weight down and hopefully avoid any clearance issues and it also still fit 245s.

There are just the some other Work Wheels that I found that meet specs for the AWD. I say research their models and you may find some others that fit the AWD perfectly also!


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