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Here is the issue...

2011 Hemi. Always had tremendous power and quick response.

Into the shop it went for a misfire problem and the mechanic (my friend's brother), not being able to find the problem (at the time), thought it could be remedied with the latest firmware flash, so he flashed it without my consent.

Eventually the source of the misfire (open seam in one of the intake manifold runners) was found.

When the vehicle came back, the response was gone, except if you floor it.

The MDS stays on much longer too.

I suspect that they had to "tone down" the response to sell to buyers who were afraid of the Hemi, and to get better fuel economy.

So, the MDS stays on longer and I have to put the pedal way down to get it into rocket mode (TPS handling/scaling changed?).

The question is, can this be fixed/restored to normal either with a flash of the stock version (how can I get this done?) or using some sort of programmer?

Thanks for any suggestions, and yeah... he's my friend's brother so I can't do much with that.
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