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First Oil Change

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So I reach 1500 miles on my car and I figure it's time for her first oil change. Plenty of Mobil lube express stations around....and all I really need is M1 and a filter so I drive over to Mobil. I pull in and all four guys that were working stop dead in their tracks and are staring at the car. speechless.....for awhile. Then one guy says "damn that m*****F***** is BAD!!!!! Were'd you get your rims????What'd you do to the exhaust?how much did you lower it???? You get the idea. Anyways we get to the part where he asks what weight I want and it all starts to go bad. Of course they don't have any 0-40 so we get on the phone and come to find NONE of the Mobil lube express places ANYWHERE close to me have it. So I move to plan B.

Should be easy enough to go to the store and buy it and do it myself. Get the filter, get the oil, do it in the garage, save some money, you know the deal. Except for one small problem. I go 0-3 in my search for the sacred 0-40 M1. Nobody seems to have it. Does this oil actually exist????Will I have to take my car back to Brampton for my oil changes????I live in florida.....this sux!!!!!Move directly to plan C.

The thing that really sucked the most about plan C ( the dealership ) is I ended up buying my car out of state and the local dealership was the first place I test drove a 300C. Dealer wanted 10 over for an 05 with 2500 miles on it or a brand new 06 for 15 over ( i guess you can now see why I bought elsewhere ). Either way I don't want to give this dealership any business whatsoever,but he's the only 5star in the area. So I go down the road aways to the next closest dealership ( not 5star ) and figure I'll try my luck there.

I pull in to the service bay and the guy asks what kind of oil I want to put in. i tell him 0-40 and he fills out his paperwork and tells me it would be about 45 mins. I go inside to make a few phone calls while I wait and I'm immediately paged back outside. I go back out and another guy tells me that 5-30 is what is used for the HEMI. So I ask him if he'd popped the hood. he said "no..I know what kind of oil the HEMI takes" and at this point three other guys come over to see what's going on. Guy inside the car turns on the headlight twice before finding the hood latch.......but he pops it and I open it and there they were all four of them ( once again )....... speechless staring at what appears to be the most beautiful thing all of them have EVER seen. I'm standing there with my arms crossed waiting for a reaction, and I swear to you a full 20 seconds goes by before the guy "who knew what kind of oil the HEMI takes" turns and says to me " that's not the 5.7 L HEMI!!!!!"
I bust out laughing and tell him " you are absolutely right about that!!!!That is not a 5.7L Hemi!!!!"

Anyways they had the 0-40 ( nectar of the gods evidently ) and 15mins later I was on my way. Everyone at the dealership was asking questions like how many mods I've done???exhaust?????wheels????? and they all looked like I had just kicked them in the face when I told them that was exactly the way the car came. it was like a spaceship had landed at their dealership and all everyone could do was stare.

i have never owned a car that commanded respect like this one. People just can't help but drool, gawk, stare and wig out about this car. The oil change was $70 by the way. I'll probably do my own from now on, but the commotion the car stirred up was well worth the extra 25 or 30 bucks.
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Jconnolly, funneee stuff there :biggrin:

MH, yes...get some of the rubber shelf liner like you use in your tool box and cement it to the bottom of the ramps; even comes in a self-stick form if you can find it.... better than new :wink1:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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