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First tire rotation

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I rotated the tires for the 1st time yesterday, got about 4800 miles on it. Maybe a bit premature, I admit.
Removing the last wheel, I was spinning the lugnuts off, and one of the many corners on the spokes, (where they meet with the center cover), caught my knuckle on my left index finger, and took a small chunk out of it.
Man, that thing bled all over the place, I was getting blood on the wheels, everywhere. I finally had to stop for a minute, and ask one of my kids to get me a bandaid to finish the job. Now good to go for another 5,000 miles.
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I read that these tires must not be torqued by the air rachets, tightened only by hand.
I think i read that in the owner's manual, mine need rotating right now 5500 smiles already in 4 1/2 months.
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