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flow master exhaust and question about CAI

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I put the flowmaster's on my 300c today, I was going to go with magnaflows but thought I would take the chance and put the flowmasters on. I am liking the sound alot it has a real throaty roar to it now.

Anyone else go with flowmasters just curious? I have read alot of posts about people with magnaflows, zoomers, etc... but nothing on the flowmasters I like mine anyways just curious who else has them.

I am stuck though on what CAI to get though I can't make up my mind about the Volant or the K&N I want to order one this weekend what do you guys think would go good with the flowmasters?

Thanks all
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Any sound clips?

Does anyone have a sound clip of the Flowmasters? I've heard Zoomers, Borla, and Magnaflow, but have been hoping to hear Flowmaster sound....

Any sound clip would be appreciated. Thanks.
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