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Fog vents and fog lights upgraded

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Hey guys,
I thought you would appreciate the info on what I found. I have ordered the stainless steel mesh grill from Mcmasters like a few others and found that the quality is so much better than what I found at home depot. I also ordered a really bright fog light replacement that blinds everyone in front of me. I would suggest not to use this light too often because it really is bright. The pictures attached are what I have ordered or bought at the local hardware shop.

To be honest, I've never done anything well with my own efforts. The mods that I've found through this site inspired me to try and it worked out great. My first time I've tried the rotary machine was difficult to get use to but my project turned out fine. All whom has little experience, like me, don't be afraid. This ended up being a lot easier than I had thought. Trust me on this one thing if your planning to do the lower grill thing. Buy the cutting tool and do not use the rotary tool. It only took me one minute to cut the wire.

All the parts and tools are shown with the total cost for the products.
Front vent things - 20 minutes of work and free
Mcmaster steel - @$30 bucks shipped
Rotary tool with parts - $30 bucks (home depot)
HID fog lights - $30 bucks (
Cutting tool for the wire - $9 (home depot)
6mb Digital Camera to take the pics - $250 (costco)

If your up to the task, I would suggest doing so. This really wasn't too bad. Good Luck!


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Hey turbo, you left out the most important pic of all... let's see your results!
Thanks for the interest. It's because of Jerry M., that I decided to do this project. I will have the final pics by this weekend. I'm still recovering from this weekends Vegas trip. I'll post pics soon.

Welcome to the Vent Insert Club.
It seems that this thing has really taken off. You know soon all the grill makers will make them and charge 100 for it. When it was us here that started it in our garages.
Well here you go. I took a few pictures. The project took a total of about 3 hours. This is simply because I did not know what I was doing. The end result, I'm very happy with. I hope to see you and everyone else at Fudruckers on the 19th. Enjoy the pics.

The fog light pic is simply showing the difference between stock (right) and aftermarket (left). I also took out the air box thingy. Holy cow that think is huge.


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Nice work turbo! This really does finish the look for those with the mesh grilles, I like it, plus you have the added satisfaction of having done it yourselves. Thanks for the pics. :)

I'm still not sure about the 19th 'cuz of my anniversary and Valentine's day, but hubby's taking me to Laughlin THIS weekend so I may be able to make it after all - I'll sure try!!
That looks so nice with those lower insets. Glad to see the extraction of the silencer when well.

Great job, turbohips. Thanks for the pics.
Welcome to the vent fog silencer club, don't worry about the Nokyas blinding people, I have the same ones and the fogs are aimed at the pavement. I tried a similar cutting tool that you used and small pieces of mesh went flying when I cut it, since it is woven not welded I was concerned about torquing small pieces right out of the weave. I may have lost a year of life breathing in that grinding wheel dust, oh well at least I saved some $$$
Hey guys thanks for the support. Now that I tried my hands at doing things myself, I feel like doing everything. I just ordered that Fatmat stuff and will be installing it soon. The shipment should come in by the 15th. I hope this is easy to do. Any of you try to install this stuff yet? I sure could use some advise.
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