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For Sale used Vertical Doors Inc. kit

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ive had this kit on my car for about 2 months the operation is good however the install is not that great..i since have moved and nobody will fix it around me because they didnt install it so i need to sell and rebuy another kit..this kit retails for 2400 so respond or pm me with offers...need to sell and the kit is in great shaped jus wasnt installed the best it could have been..

here is a pic of my car ....


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i know that its costing me more money and it sucks...but theres not to many places in my area that do lambo doors and the ones that do install the lsd kit not the vdi so they wont touch it...they say because they warranty what they sell they dont like to touch things they didnt do.....thats why im atleast trying to sell this kit to help pay for a new sucks because i moved to a new state about a month ago or else i could have had it fixed for free...
yeah it is that far i moved from Miami to washington state u really cant get to much farther away!!!!
any one???

they wont reinstall it because they dont sell that kit and the price they are charging me to fix the doors i might as well buy a new kit..which is the reason why im selling mine now to get a new one..
any one else interested???
ive been looking to sell for abouthalf of the retail price which i think is retails for 2400 brand new and mine has ben used for about 3 months now...the kit is a vdi kit(vertical doors inc.)
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