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Found rims similar to the SRT-8 rims

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Just found a picture on the net of the new HRE's and they look very similar to the 20's on the SRT-8. I don't even want to guess how much these HRE's are but they do look very very classy.


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If only they made 18's that were lighter than stock like that!

I dont mind the 18's, I just dont like the plastic..... and lighter is always brighter!
Pretty close. The HRE's look like 22's to me. I think I like the SRT's better.
Still waiting for the SRT-8 to come out to find out the weight of the 20's.
Hopefully they are around 24lbs, which is the weight of the 18" stock rims.
Those are sweet.
Sweeeeeeeet :) :)
Called HRE the rims are available in 22" and a 20" is coming. The bad news is they'rea bout $8500 just for rims. OUCH
wow! those are the best i have seen yet!!!!!!!, but not for that kinda $$$$
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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