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front end damage

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Hey all quick question for those that would know. I was sitting at a light, light turned green and the vehicle in front of me started to go then stopped and I rolled into the back of them.

It was such a low speed thing it did no damage what so ever to the other vehicle.

My vehicle though it cracked the front grill and drivers side headlight, and pushed the front end down (bumper part). The vehicle drives fine, and there are no scratches or anything on the wheel wells quarter panels and hood are all untouched just need to replace the lower part of the front end, whats the going rate for a lower front end then? (grill, probably go with an aftermarket one now, one headlight assembly, and of course the lower part of the front end).

Thanks all
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Mr.DJ said:
Well, if yours looks anything like this after a low-speed altercation...

...then about $1,800 for everything installed and painted; i.e., radiator support bracket assembly, front energy absorber, front bumper cover, front bumper cover moldings, grille assembly, and headlamp assembly. This price also included the required re-aiming of both headlamps. I also had no damage to either the hood or to either of the front fenders, and the front-end wasn't knocked out of alignment. My car drove just find and experienced no other mechanical issues other than the one which caused the incident in the first place. Your insurance will cover the costs of the OEM grille;thus, leaving you to only pay the difference between the OEM and your new aftermarket grill. Your auto body/paint shop should be able to work with you in this respect...good luck. :wave:
Hey sure appreciate that it looks exactly like that. I was thinking of just paying for the damage myself though and keep my insurance out of it hate for the premiums to go up or something never had a claim in 16 years now. I was also going to just go to the dealer tomorrow and have them replace the front end, you think the auto body shop then would be a better idea?

Thanks gives me at least a starting point at what I am looking at.
Also edited to add these pics I took earlier.


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Mr.DJ said:
I utilized the auto body/paint shop that my 'Five Star' Chrysler dealer uses, and they did an excellent job. My car no longer has those mods, but has evolved into what you see now.

I did file a claim with my insurance company, since it was the first accident that I had ever been involved in (that wasn't directly another's fault) since I've started driving...many moons ago. Although I wasn't 'cited', since my accident was actually caused by a vehicle malfunction rather than through controllable actions which could be attributed to me, my insurance premium went up anyway! :thumbsdow

I would've probably handled it myself too, but the other vehicle (a new 'Infinity') was damaged as well. It more or less works out to where I would've paid the same amount either way if it were stretched-out over a thirty-six month period. My insurance agent advised me that this accident will be expunged from my previous flawless driving about two more years. Then my rate should go back down to where it once was before the incident occurred. :cool2:

The incident has already been filed with DCX, as well as with the NHTSA, and hopefully I may receive some sort of eventual satisfaction...maybe a new five-speed transmission, or at least enough to cover my insurance deductible plus the difference for the insurance premium increase...but I'm not holding my breath. :dunno:
Damn that would sure suck to have to go through all that and not have it be your fault. You're car looks great now though, I think while I am there (dealer)I will have them add the Mopar CAI and order a grill as well. Oh well guess this just forces me to get my aftermarket grill now :biggrin: Luckily for me though the other vehicle a tahoe was not even scratched. So I guess once I get mine fixed up then harm no foul.

thanks again
Mr.DJ said:
No problem and thanks for the compliment...good luck tomorrow. Here's another photo of what others have now termed as 'the big expensive Pringles potato chip'. :biglaugh:
Thats a good one :biggrin: thanks for the well wishes as well, funny how these cars do not seem to fare well in low impact crashes seems like alot of superficial damage for such a slow speed.

Thanks again
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