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front end damage

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Hey all quick question for those that would know. I was sitting at a light, light turned green and the vehicle in front of me started to go then stopped and I rolled into the back of them.

It was such a low speed thing it did no damage what so ever to the other vehicle.

My vehicle though it cracked the front grill and drivers side headlight, and pushed the front end down (bumper part). The vehicle drives fine, and there are no scratches or anything on the wheel wells quarter panels and hood are all untouched just need to replace the lower part of the front end, whats the going rate for a lower front end then? (grill, probably go with an aftermarket one now, one headlight assembly, and of course the lower part of the front end).

Thanks all
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might just be a blessing in disguise to get a body kit for your car! lol
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