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Front Strut Brace >>>>

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Anyone seen this front strut tower brace and CAI? It is on a vehicle on Ebay up for auction, must a be custom setup but looks great IMO


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Looks like a fairly standard mod for racing . . .

I always cross braced my strut towers for rally or track.
Model 57 said:
I haven't noticed flex being a problem with mine, but I haven't had it out on the track yet. I also haven't really pushed it that hard yet.
You don't know if there was any change to stiffen the '06's do you?
The chassis strength on the 300 platform is amazing strong. Cross bracing is not necessary for normal driving.

Even though I take mine to the track every now and then (going again next week), I have no plans to cross brace.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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