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Fuse #16

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Noted a few fuses missing from the Integrated Power Module (fuse box in engine compartment). Fuses #12 and #13 are indicated not used in the owners manual.

I'm more concerned with #16. Wiring diagram shows it to be output #3 from the Auto Shut Down Relay to the Powertrain Control Module.

It's a 300C manufactured in Feb. 05. I purchased it new in Apr. 05. The car now has 6500 miles on it and has not been serviced by the dealer except for tire rotation and alignment (I do the oil, filter, etc.). The dealer did the TSB relating to the A/C evaporator freezing up (PCM not reading the evaporator temp sensor). Was told only involved reprogramming of the PCM.

As far as I know the fuse has been missing since new. I have not noticed anything unusual and have even run it at the drag strip several times. I put in a 20 amp fuse as called for in the owners manual and still haven't seen any change in anything.

I'm familar with the operation of the Auto Shut Down Relay, just don't know what output #3 does in the Powertrain Control Module.

I'm still waiting for an answer from the dealer.

Any ideas??


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