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Garage door opener

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Anybody else find that the built-in garage door opener only works like 20% of the time if that? What gives?
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It works in my C the same as it did in my 98 & 2000 T&C. I will assume it is the same electronics on both since the programming instructions are the same.

I am not able to put a exact finger on it but if i push the button sitting in front of the garage it may or may not work. If it does not work, I back up a few feet and it usually works fine. On both the T&C and 300 I have to depress the button and hold it for 2-3 seconds before it responds. The next day I could be parked in the same position and it works just fine - go figure.

The opener that came with the garage is much more sensitive than the homelink. My guess is the power output is much lower from the homelink therefore directional positioning is more important.

Reprogramming will not do anything. If is is programmed with the correct codes then it is programmed. Reprogramming will not affect the power output. Bottom line, something we just live with because of a weak DCX design across all platforms.
marlinspike said:
It's in front (i.e. close to the windsheild) of the sunroof buttons. It's a horizontal row of 3 buttons marked with roman numerals I II III. It's a 2 person job to program? Maybe I just did it wrong. Aren't you supposed to
hold the I and III buttons untill it clears the channels
then press both your remote and the homelink button at the same time until it gives you the message that it's programmed the channel (I forget what that message is).
Is there something else to it?
Ummm, It SURELY is not a 2 person job unless you only have 1 hand!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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