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Since I took delivery of my 2005 300 AWD model with 3.5L V6 engine, 205,000 KM, I have noted that the fuel consumption in the city, including 5 days/week four 10 min highway trips to/from work is only 20.5 mpg. The person I bought the vehicle from in March indicated on extended 5 hour highway trips that they were getting between 30-35 mpg. I have yet to go on a longer highway drive with the vehicle - just wondering if I am likely going to get improved fuel consumption on a longer highway trip? Also are there are ways to improve fuel consumption?

Our other vehicle, a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan with 3.8L V6 engine gets around 27 mpg in city and 32 mpg highway, so larger engine and better fuel consumption than the 300 AWD. I use Supreme 91 octane gas with no ethanol added.

Any ideas would be appreciated - I obviously got spoilt with my previous vehicle, a 1991 Toyota Corolla 4WD/AWD wagon (All Trac) with 1598 cc engine with 340,000 KM I was still getting over 40 mpg.
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