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Gear Hesitation

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I searched all over the forum on information, but I have not found anything, so hopefully someone can help me.

Ive read about the hesitaion when going from 20-30mph, and did the pedal recalibration and really didnt notice much of a difference. my problem is that when i put my car into "D" and i hit the gas, the car takes about 1-2 seconds to go, sometimes i think im not pushing it hard enough so i press it harder and it chirps a little bit, same thing goes in "R". Also, if i am at a stop and i floor it, i have very slow pick up, but then when i hit about 20mph, then i feel the power and when it hits 40mph i feel it some more.

when i went to the dealer to get my remote start alarm (100% worth it but a little costyle $630.00) installed i asked him to take a look at it, but i forgot to ask him if he didnt anything about it because i was excited about my remote start alarm.
PLease help me out.

PS, my car also stalled as i have read from others and the guy at the dealer said that it happened to alot of people but they have not been able to pin point the problem, but when they do, they will probably recall it.

i also believe that there is a headlight recall soon, cause he told me something like that today.

:AR15firin :nutkick:
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I probably should have read your post more carefully.
The hesitation you are describing is not the same thing I experience.
My hesitation happens when I am driving 25mph on up.
From a stop, I will get a neck snapping lurch, and chirp, if I drive normal.
I often find myself pussy-footing the gas peddle from a stop when I have passengers so as not to jerk/snap their heads.
I have done the calibration probably 30 times and never noticed a difference. Assuming the effects of the calibration is not urban myth, I would think it would be exactly what you need. Maybe you are not doing it right?
As last resort, take the dealer for a test drive and see what he says.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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