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'Sup folks?

So here's a question I'm almost certain someone somewhere probaly answered, but seeing as I can't find it, I'm asking now.

Does the exhaust system from the 2011+ model 300C SRT8 fit the 2005-2010 300C SRT8?

The reason for this hare-brained questioning is because I fell COMPLETELY in love with the Meisterschaft GTC exhaust for the later models and want to install it on a 2006 SRT8 I'll be picking up as soon as I sell my current car. I need to know if it bolts up directly (The mufflers at least).

For those curious, you can find a video by Vivid Racing on YouTube testing out said exhaust. (first post. Can't link.::crying::)

Thanks to all who respond...and, what the hell, the ones who don't, too.
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