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Gonna sell the 05 Hemi. >:(

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Hi Gang! A piece of lake front property that I have been wanting for a very long time is up for sale so I am going to have to sell the Hemi. I could keep it, but I would be stretching it and I won't do that. Anyway, she only has 576 miles on her, BBC, Airaid intake, Eibach Prokit, SRT8 deck spoiler, THE finest custom Dynomax catback you've ever seen, with 3" SS tips, ROH Drift R's 18x9 w/ Nitto 404 255/55/18 Light Graystone, Sirius w/ 9 months left on 1 year free subscr. Guys this car like ALL my cars is "PERFECT"!!!. I will not drive them in rain, or even at night because of bugs. ;) It also has a custom Colgan bra, 15% tint. No Nav, no sunroof. It has the adj. pedals. I have over 40k in this beauty, and I HATE to sell it. But we ski every weekend at this lake and it's been a dream for a long long time. I will take $30,000. Firm. I live about 25 minutes from St. Augustine Fla. If interested please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank You!!! :(


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Unfortunately you're not going to get much for the "performance extras" - you never really get your $$$ back out of stuff like that.. The fact that there's no NAV and no SUNROOF puts the price down closer to about $31,000 based on the cars I've seen similar to yours.. but if you get it, more power to ya - try ebay or ...

Kinda sucks how quickly our cars seem to depreciate right out of the gate, huh? I know its that way for every car driven off the dealer lot, but for some reason the bite we get out of our C's after being driven off the dealer lot is ridiculously big..

Take my AWD 300C fiasco: One week after I purchased it, I realized I hated the rims and carvernous wheel well gap (somehow I didn't really take notice of them the day I bought the car because I was so ecstatic finally finding a black C) so now I'm past the 72 hour right-to-cancel and I ask the dealer about just swapping it for a 300C RWD given I only have 100 miles on it and he tells me "I can give you $32,000 for it" after I paid around $40k fully loaded with everything but engine block heater! So with tax and license again it was going to cost me about $12,000 just to swap for a RWD.. First when I bought mine he's telling me "how hot" the car is and that he can't keep them on the lot, then when asking him about selling mine back to him he's acting like he'd have a tough time selling it and could only give what he quoted. Granted, he IS a car dealer after all, but I can't help but wonder if those initial estimates from that research group that put the 300C's value at HALF the original purchase price within 2 years might not come true..
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