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Got ugly, disgusting stone chips, scratches on your beautiful 300?

Plagued with Spoiler Butt Crack?

Fear not. Relief is finally here.

Go out and get yourself a tube of Markal Valve Action Paint Marker.

I found this little gem in Princess Auto ($8.00). It dispenses paint with a very smooth controlled tip. Ideal for paint touch ups. I got 1 black and used it to get rid of that ugly white seam where my aftermarket lip spoiler meets the top of the trunk.

Here are 3 little stone chips and a scratch on the front fender of my Brilliant Black Pearl Coat paint:​

A few little taps and the blemishes are gone:

These controlled-flow soft tip paint markers do a great job for small touch ups.​

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NautcaSprt6 said:
...Nice watch BTW... stole my thoughts exactly. I don't have a Breitling in my vast watch collection yet, but I did just add an Omega 'Speedmaster' this week.

(click on the above link and then on 'See It In Real Time'...pretty slick)


Your white butt crack could sure use a tan. :biggrin:
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