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Group Buy on Video interface to convert Nav to DVD

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Hi Everyone


1-10 $200
10-20 $175
20-30 $150

IT WORKS ON all cars except MB and BMW E60 and E63 (series 5 and 6)


The units have 2 video inputs 1 for DVD and 1 for backup camera, auto switches to backups camera when the car is put in reverse.
Powder Coated Black Case, No engine noise with a metal case
No Moving Parts All Solid State. (No relays, video can't jump air Gap.)
Unit does RGsB, RGBS, inverted Sync and Positive sync
Not a "do it your self kit", factory made unit.
Picture Quality and Price is the best available on the market. We will beat any price on any RGB unit
Full instructions provided.

We have been in business for over 35 years. Click here to see our store.

or visit us at

We carry a complete line of Audio and Video equipment and specializes in seamless factory up-grades for Navigation-equipped vehicles. This upgrade allows your current Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen to be converted into a mobile theater system, rear camera monitor, or personal computer screen. We currently offer seamless video integration modules for Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Infinity, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini-Cooper, Nissan, Porsche, Range Rover and many more. We also offer OEM (factory) TV Tuner kits capable of local TV Reception and external A/V inputs for DVD players etc.

Thanks Dominic of :wave:
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Sure this is no problem, I will refund whatever the difference is. I can ship whenever you are ready.
Thanks Dominic of :wink1:

300C_AWD said:
Hi Dominic,

How fast can you ship? I would be willing to Paypal you $200 on the condition you ship now and refund me the $25 or $50 if the group buy reaches 10 or 20 buyers. I just don't like the waiting part.
Hi Johnny
If you are handy you can do the mod yourself, if not you have to send it to us to mod.
Thanks Dominic of :wave:
Johnny Vig said:
Your website states we need to send you our nav unit. Is this correct? What else is required? I would love to do this mod, but don't want any headaches. Any advice from anyone would be great. Thx.
Thanks Mike for the help. Mike is correct if we do the radio it is $450 in single lots. If we get enough radios together we can work out some kind of group price. Feel free to call me at 718-763-7367.
Thanks Dominic of :wave:

Mike5959 said:
This price doesn't include installation. This is for the module only plus the directions. Soldering and removal of the head unit are a must. It is not something you want to learn how to solder on. Dom does offer the installation at a higher price. I believe it was $450 retail so i don't know if he is doing a group buy on the install. He should be by soon to clarify.
Hi Jm300
I understand your concern, all I can say is that I have removed mods from radios and sent them thru warranty and haven't had any problems. No one is going to open the radio to see if anything was done. When I remove the mod the radio is factory clean and original so you can't see anything was done to it.
Thanks Dominic of :wave:
jm300 said:
What about warranty on the nav unit itself? If it requires any soldering of the unit itself that will clearly void the warranty. My concern is that I've already had to get my nav unit replaced because the zoom knob wouldn't click anymore. I'd hate to have something petty like that happened again and then get told I'm not covered because of any alterations.
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