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Here you will find a guide on how to display the transmission temperature on your NAG1 Transmission fitted to most Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep applications from 2005-2012 whilst using a generic ODBII Scanner and iOS.

It's fairly simple and cheap!


1x Wireless ODBII Scanner (Bluetooth does not work on iOS)
1x iOS device with WiFi and iOS 7.0 or higher


So far only the following iOS App that supports custom PIDS on OBDII devices is;

Engine Link (£4.49) - Download Here

I will be using this today.


1) Plug in the Wireless OBDII device and connect to the device as you would connect to any WiFi hotspot.

2) Open the Engine Link App and follow the on-screen instructions to connect and setup the device.

3) Once connected you swipe across to the Custom Dash Option like below;

4) Press and Hold anywhere on the screen and the following screen appears (It doesn't matter what you select at this time, we just need to create the custom PID, I recommend selecting "Big Digital")

5) Once this screen has loaded, select "Edit";

Then "+" to create our Custom PID

6) A new window appears which says to "Enter ECU Header", you need to enter "7E1" and hit next;

7) Enter "2130" and hit next;

8) Now this is the actual Formula which controls how the data is displayed. You will need to enter either of the following, dependant on whether you want it displayed in °F or °C;

°F = (L-50)*9/5+32
°C = L-50

Hit Next

9) Enter Min Value "0" and hit next

10) Enter Max Value "200" for Fahrenheit or "100" for Celcuis and hit next

11) Enter a description (what do you want to call it) and hit next

12) Enter a Unit (F = Fahrenheit and C = Celsius)

13) This is the Custom PID created. Select "Done"

14) Now scroll and select your new Custom Transmission Temp PID

And a new gauge is created onto your custom dash.


The temperature will only display if you are in either Reverse or Drive, any other time it will only display the Engine Coolant Temperature. Here is my example of the Display whilst in Drive;

Confirmed by my TranZformer;

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