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Had my Sirius dealer installed

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It seems that the antenna gets located some 3-4" more forward when the dealer installs it, compared to the factory install.
Mine was installed last week. The radio system works fine, just that the antenna looks a little bit off. The I compared it to a factory install. The dealer told me that that is where it is to be installed, per the template that came with the system.
I knew that I should have located one equipped the way that I wanted it. IF THE ONE THAT I ORDERED, HAD ONLY BEEN BUILT!!!!!
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How much does it cost and how long does it take? If one buys a kit from Mopar is it difficult to install on my own. A bit afraid of drilling the car on my own though.

It is not offered in Canada so I am debating whether to add it whenever I am in States. Anyone installed this on vehicles built for Canada?

2006 Bright Silver 300C
Everything, but Sirius and rear seat DVD
Does the kit include 1 yr of subscription as factory installed option has it?
Darrenph1 said:
I did not get a year free. I asked the dealer closest to my how much to install and they said 3 hrs @ $89 hr. I went back to where I bought my car and they did it for $175.

I understand, this is in addition to

82208881AA Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver and Antenna Kit: includes CAN B receiver, permanent mount antenna, owner's manual, and activation information. Vehicle specific installation kit is required. For use with Mopar and production radios only. $175


82208723 Sirius Satellite Radio Installation Kit: for all vehicles; includes I-sheet, templates, wiring harness, antenna cable, mounting bracket, and hardware. $124

So the total price comes to 175 + 124 + 175 = $474 plus subscription. Am I correct?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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