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Had my Sirius dealer installed

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It seems that the antenna gets located some 3-4" more forward when the dealer installs it, compared to the factory install.
Mine was installed last week. The radio system works fine, just that the antenna looks a little bit off. The I compared it to a factory install. The dealer told me that that is where it is to be installed, per the template that came with the system.
I knew that I should have located one equipped the way that I wanted it. IF THE ONE THAT I ORDERED, HAD ONLY BEEN BUILT!!!!!
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The instructions that come with the kit and the template say that the antenna is supposed to be farther up on the roof.

I preferred it farther towards the window and did the install myself.
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5point7 said:

I thought I remembered you did that yourself - did you install the the whole thing yourself?
I'm thinking I may purchase and add, but want to do the install (no reason to pay the dealer $250 to do it)

I'll have to search for the install info in tech faq's (if there is one).

I installed everything but the antenna myself. I had the antenna painted at a local body shop and tossed them a $20 to drill the hole and help me align it properly. I dropped my headliner in the parking lot at work and drove straight to the body shop. The wiring involved and Tuner install with the factory kit is very straight forward and requires minimal removal of interior panels and trim.

Hardest and scariest part of the install is drilling that hole and working with your headliner. Make SURE your hands are clean!

I never did a Tech FAQ on the install because I did it before the FAQ/Tech section existed... :biggrin:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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