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Had my Sirius dealer installed

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It seems that the antenna gets located some 3-4" more forward when the dealer installs it, compared to the factory install.
Mine was installed last week. The radio system works fine, just that the antenna looks a little bit off. The I compared it to a factory install. The dealer told me that that is where it is to be installed, per the template that came with the system.
I knew that I should have located one equipped the way that I wanted it. IF THE ONE THAT I ORDERED, HAD ONLY BEEN BUILT!!!!!
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So I'm guessing no one has yet to do the glass mount antenna? I'd love to hear a report, maybe I should just go first :wave:

Do you all think a good stereo shop could handle the install or is it a 'dealer only' thing for those of us not brave enough to attempt it ourselves?

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